Coffee, Rose & Vanilla Bean Body Balm

Coffee, Rose & Vanilla Bean Body Balm

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Our Whipped Body Balm is the perfect addition to your post-bathing & self-care rituals! We whip it in small batches to a lightweight and velvety consistency which absorbs quickly into skin's upper layers without leaving a greasy residue. Subtly scented with a blend of Coffee, Rose & Vanilla and packaged in a reusable glass jar.

To use: massage a small amount into clean hands & body, and allow to fully absorb.

This product is entirely natural and contains no emulsifiers, water or preservatives.. As such, the consistency may change with temperature fluctuations. Keep cool between uses to prevent separation.

All natural, biodegradable, artisanal balms made in collaboration with Sage & Thistle Handmade Goods.