Wild, refined. Balancing art and nature.

 Located in Toronto's West End, The Wild Pansy creates intentionally wild and unstructured floral designs for weddings, events and everyday occasions using artistic colour combinations and specialty blooms. We seek to reclaim the wild using nature’s elements to bring to life floral arrangements unlike those found in traditional flower shops. Instead of following every new trend in the flower world, The Wild Pansy is more drawn towards a classic and timeless aesthetic.

The Wild Pansy is a new business, but the owner isn’t new to the business. Deanna Balmer, the owner and founder of The Wild Pansy, has been working in the floral industry for over 6 years. After working and managing one of Toronto’s best florists, Coriander Girl, the opportunity to take over the Toronto shop presented itself and Deanna took a leap of faith and transformed the former Coriander Girl Toronto shop into her own dream shop.

Flowers have the ability to evoke happiness, joy, comfort, nostalgia and many other positive feelings. They can also completely transform a space and are often the only decor element used for weddings. Flowers have even been scientifically proven to boost one’s mood! The shop is full of more than just flowers, including plants, greeting cards, floral prints, pots + vases, candles and giftware goods.

Nature provides the medium in which we create and the restoration and protection of it is very important. Sustainable floristry and business practice are the backbone of The Wild Pansy.  We focus on sourcing flowers from local Ontario growers whenever possible, while supplementing with imported flowers and using recyclable and compostable materials. All of our retail flower arrangements are made without the use of floral foam- a toxic green sponge used in many flower shops. The products we carry have similar core values and are socially responsible. 

Photo by Frances Rose West